A Wish for Tyler

We are always so impressed by how our Tupperware Sales Force Members wish big, often for others, and then work to make those wishes come true.

Every holiday season (and a few other times of year), we challenge our Sales Force to qualify for entries into a wishes drawing that we grant during a live broadcast. The stories of the wishes they submit really touch our hearts, and we’re honored to grant them.

Alicia Goodwin, Star Manager, received her wish for Tyler, her children’s father, who is battling Lymphoma.

Tyler with the Vent ’N Serve Collection and Visa Gift Card, a week after we had to shave his head for the first time.


Alicia had this to say about her wish being granted:

“I would like to start by taking the time to thank Tupperware for granting this wish for my blended family and me.

The wonderfully blended family from left to right: Bobby (Alicia’s partner), David (Alicia & Bobby’s son), Tyler Jr (Alicia & Tyler’s son), Tyler Sr., Theresa (Alicia & Tyler’s daughter), Alicia, Blaze (Tyler’s puppy), and Nugget (Alicia & Bobby’s dog)


“It has been a very busy summer. Tyler spent the summer going through chemotherapy.  He went into remission in August for the second time. The decision was made to have him undergo a Stem Cell Transplant. On September 17, I took him down to Boston to stay in a hotel for 4 nights so that he could go into the Dana Farber Center to have his stem cells harvested every day for 3 days. They harvested 3,000,000 healthy stem cells from him.

“On the 22nd, he was admitted into Brigham & Woman’s Hospital. He underwent six days of high-dose, intense chemotherapy treatments to kill off everything in his system. Today they began injecting his good/healthy stem cells into him. This day will come to be known as his second birthday!

“He will remain in the hospital for the next two weeks and then come home to stay in seclusion for another 30–60 days. We were able to take in Tyler’s puppy for him, and of course, my children full-time, so our house has become quite crazy with three children and two dogs. I have also been able to get the kids down to see him (about an hour and a half drive) a couple times per week. We’re blessed to have the means and ability to be able to help make this process as easy as possible on him.

“Tyler used the gift card to purchase a chest freezer to stock up on food before he went into the hospital. Plus, I am working to fill all of his Vent N’ Serve containers with some home cooked meals for him to have as well. He will not be allowed out in public for at least 30 days after he gets home.

“He also used the money donated to him to help pay for his hotel room that he had to stay in before he was admitted to the hospital.  It was great because I was able to bring the kids down the night before he was admitted to stay with him in the hotel! I cannot express what that night meant for Tyler and our children.”

Congratulations to Alicia for having her wish granted, and all of our thoughts and prayers to Tyler as he recovers. And best of luck to everyone working hard this week to earn their Holiday Wish entries. We can’t wait to see all of the good your wishes bring to yourselves and others!

Written by: Jessica Norfleet