Amy On Creating The Life She Wants

I got started with Tupperware after seeing a Tupperware expo at a home and garden show. I knew the person running the expo, and she invited me to a party—right away, I said yes.

After the party, she asked me to go to a meeting with her, which is where I met her Business Leader, Pam Clift. She shared what Tupperware could do for me, and my family, and right there, I decided I wanted to jump in on that opportunity.

I have a daughter who’s involved in dance and with Tupperware, I can sell around her schedule. I also love to be involved in my kids’ lives, so during the school year, I help out in their classroom. If I had a traditional, full-time job, I wouldn’t be able to do that.

One of the other things I love about Tupperware is the Confident Start Program for new Consultants. Anyone who comes onto my team, my goal is to get their kit paid off in their first thirty days. That was my goal when I started, so I try to help my team achieve that as well. I also want to get them excited about the different things they can earn, such as the cookware, and I let them know how much farther they need to push to reach that next goal.

—Amy Gardner, Star Director

Collins, OH