Andrea Dreams Beyond The Impossible

My team is so amazing. We learn so much from each other.

I think the biggest thing this company has given me is confidence. When I was a Manager 4 years ago, I remember leaving my Director’s doorstep and saying I’m going to become a Director this year. Not only did I achieve that goal, but I went on to become a Star Director! I also earned my first free car and paid family trip to Disney World. Since then I have earned 3 different cars, promoted another Director, and earned five more trips! Each day I wake up and thank God for this company and opportunity to change each other for the better.


I never had the confidence to talk in front of strangers, let alone with a bowl and a spatula! Tupperware has given me so many amazing opportunities to see what I am capable of doing. Most of all, it has given me amazing friends and a family I can’t live without. My team is so amazing. We learn so much from each other.


We enable one another to think about our dreams and how to turn the impossible into reality. Watching them grow is so inspiring and makes me feel so proud. I’m so lucky to have them in my life and want so much success for them! #steppingstones

Andrea Armstrong, Star Director.