Belinda’s Positive Outlet & Growing Career

Belinda Lyght Career

I have been selling Tupperware since February 2015. I was expecting our third child and was not making enough money to thrive with one child in daycare and another only in daycare part-time. I quit my job shortly after finding out we were expecting, as I decided I could no longer handle the negativity in the work environment. My friend Janelle Elliot approached me about hosting a party and I said, “Sure, I have things I would like!” After my party, she asked me to join her amazing team, and, after much discussion, I joined without any intent to really sell. Within my first two weeks, I held three parties and paid off my kit.

2015 was the year that would change everything! March 2015: Over that month I decided to really see if I could turn my Tupperware business into a steady supplemental income. Little did I know, I would be blindsided by a miscarriage to our little love. The day of my procedure, I came home and completed my Confident Start program. I finished the night with many tears, and pride accompanied my sorrow.

Then my husband started experiencing mysterious symptoms

Late July 2015: I continued to progress with Tupperware and was loving every moment of it, mostly the friendships I had made. Then my husband started experiencing mysterious symptoms: slurring his speech, stumbling, numbness in his hands, vertigo, the list could go on. After many appointments and diagnostic procedures, my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that affects a person neurologically, often causing partial disability, paralysis, memory loss, etc. That same month I achieved Manager status.

August 2015: My 7-year-old daughter was losing weight and had not felt very well since May. She had been seen, but the physicians treated her for infections and parasites, not knowing what was actually causing the symptoms. Once again, after many sleepless nights and a series of tests (that most healthy people do not have to go through until they are 40), our daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Ulcerative Colitis. She will live with this the rest of her life, all while having to take giant pills that most adults would have difficulty swallowing. I continued to push through, using Tupperware as my positive outlet. I truly needed it at this point.

I was bound and determined to MAKE 2016 a wonderful year.

Then came 2016! I was bound and determined to MAKE 2016 a wonderful year. At the end of March, I gave birth to a healthy 8-lb./4-oz., 22¼ʺ baby girl—our rainbow baby. My team had its biggest month yet, and the following month I had my personal BEST month ever and my team sales were enough to earn me the title of Director, all while having a newborn at home. Without God, Tupperware, Janelle Elliot, Stephanie Meester, and Kirstin Jones, I may not have made it through 2015. I held tight to Tupperware to keep my mind on something I had control of and made me happy! God may not give us more than we can handle, but he sure knew I had Tupperware in my life and the amazing women I have met along the way to help me along.

Belinda Lyght Family

Belinda Lyght, Director