Bring it H.O.M.E. with Tupperware in 2019

2018 shone bright with platinum as we celebrated 70 years of what we do best: PARTY! Ringing in 2019 means even more celebration as we continue to bring it back to what our business is all about: demonstrating our quality products designed to make life better for those who use them. As we gear up for our 71st year of the party, we are excited to continue helping you revolutionize your life with products that do the work for you.

At Tupperware, we’re focused on helping people, especially women, cultivate the confidence they need to enrich their lives, feed their families and support their communities, through both our products and our business opportunity. When you bring Tupperware® products into your H.O.M.E., you’re supporting a local Tupperware business owner while introducing solutions to your every day that help you stay Healthy, Organize your space (and life), save Money and do better for the Environment.

  • Take control of your health this year with products that give you the skills to be a meal prep pro and help you plan fast, healthy menus for you and your family.
  • Find organization solutions that work for your lifestyle. We’ve got the tools to help you out of that cycle of really wanting to get organized…then giving up. And then wanting to dive into that closet or pantry again! Nobody tackles cabinet chaos or frees up a fridge like Tupperware solutions.
  • Save money by using products that deliver time-and-time again – food lasts longer, and is fresher and tastier in a Tupperware container.
  • Reduce your impact to the environment with products that can last a lifetime. Consider switching from buying bottled water to carrying an Eco Water Bottle and from wasting disposable bags to storing your PB&J in a Sandwich Keeper. And, the more produce you preserve and meals you plan out in Tupperware containers, the less food is wasted.

Tupperware® products have been giving you more time for living since 1948. Contact your Consultant today or find one near you. Interested in finding out more about the Tupperware Opportunity? Join us!