Chantal’s Tupperware Business is the Ultimate Family Business

Chantal Tupperare Family Business

5 Star Director Chantal Dumouchel of Spruce Grove, Alberta, shares her story of raising her kids to be part of a TupperFamily:

My three children have grown up as TupperBabies! I started this business when my 1st child was born 14 years ago, and have been able to be a fulltime stay-at-home mom with them through their entire childhood. By working at home with the flexibility of this business, I was able to adopt a foster child who is now my oldest child, Sarah, when she was six. Even after my separation, as a single mom my Tupperware business has been able to financially support me and my three children. This is definitely our family business and is important to all of us.

The children are grateful for Tupperware and all the things it has provided for them: Disney trips, cars…

The children are grateful for Tupperware and all the things it has provided for them: Disney trips, cars, our income, mom being able to be at all their functions, etc. They are happy to contribute in different ways. Mekhi, my 13 year old son, is in charge of keeping my Tupperware branded car sparkly clean! Sarah and Angelica are in charge of packing orders and keeping the stock room clean and organized!

Chantal Tupperare Family Business

This business has helped to teach them the importance of a family unit and has allowed us to spend way more time together than if I worked outside of the home. It has also taught them a good work ethic at a young age and how to earn and save money for special things that they want.

This picture is of Angel when she was younger and used to NEVER take her Tupperware shirt off without a fight!! She loved that she was like mommy and soaked up all the attention that she would get from people when we were out shopping or working at a trade show.

Chantal Tupperare Family Business

—Chantal Dumouchel, 5 Star Director

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  • Heather MacKenzie says:

    Chantal’s children are wonderful! They are so well behaved. I recently had dinner at their home. The children set the table, cleaned up, and did some of the cooking. The meal was delicious!
    Chantal is a 5 Star Director and a 5 Star Mum!

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