Connie Gives Back and Shares the Love

Connie Welcher Tupperware

I originally joined Tupperware in 2012, just to help my family get back on our feet after being homeless. I did that, and then decided to go back to college to finish my teaching degree. In 2014, as I was finishing my associate degree as an honor student, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After finishing treatment in 2014, it returned in 2016 with vengeance and my husband and I decided I couldn’t continue my degree, or even work a 9–5 job. And that was going to be OK because my husband’s job would cover our basic bills and we would be fine.

But that would mean my five VERY active teenage boys would have to give up all of their activities: sports, scouts, band, choir, theater, ROTC, art, and I couldn’t have that. So, I came back to Tupperware initially to pay for the extras, but then I realized that I could teach through Tupperware. Part of my DREAM is to be able to give back to my community. Tonight, a woman who I really only know through a Facebook party for a friend, and who I had invited to host a party, reached out to me for help. She recently started her cancer journey and was scheduled to start chemo this week but has an infection. She told me that she hadn’t eaten in two days and would I be at all willing to bring her something to eat. OF COURSE! It just so happened that I had just gotten done teaching my youngest son how to make BBQ pulled chicken sliders—we had plenty—so I packed a dinner (slider fixin‘s, salad, chips) up in CrystalWave® container and brought it to her.

… then I realized that I could teach through Tupperware.

Now, the blessing isn’t that Tupperware has made me wealthy enough to provide for a stranger in need. I’m not there yet. Things are still tight but I’ve got DREAMS! What Tupperware did was connect me to this woman. The blessing was for us to meet and for her to know that she could come to me for help, because I genuinely want to help and Tupperware training has taught me how to SHOW that, even in a Facebook party. So, I just wanted to share that blessing with you. Tupperware is already fulfilling my dreams!

–Connie Welcher, Manager