Cora’s Journey to Tupperware’s Highest Honor

Cora Putz Business Leader

When she was about to return to her full-time job working for a university after her second maternity leave, Cora Putz realized there had to be more to life than working 80 hours a week and getting paid for 35. At the time, she was a Tupperware Consultant but not actively involved in her business.

…Cora decided to dive head-first into Tupperware and make that her focus.

Being the goal-oriented lady that she is, Cora decided to dive head-first into Tupperware and make that her focus. At first, she wanted to have 10 parties, just to see if she could make the business work for her lifestyle, have fun with it, and, of course, make money. Fast forward roughly seven years later, Cora has since, among many other achievements, been recognized as the 2013 Director of the Year, and now she is achieving Tupperware’s highest honor as the first person in Canada to be appointed to the title of Business Leader from Executive Director.

Cora Putz Business Leader

We honor and celebrate Cora for this remarkable achievement! To be a Business Leader in this company means to be recognized by the Home Office as an outstanding leader of leaders with a very bright future of growth ahead of her. We are so proud of Cora for being appointed to this position, allowing her to continue developing her business and follow her dreams.

Cora Putz Business Leader

We can’t wait to see where the party takes you next, Cora!


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