Do Good with Tupperware

Join our movement to waste less and live more.

For more than 70 years, Tupperware has been committed to making a positive impact on the world around us and helping you live life better with time-saving, durable products. We have always used our business opportunities and our products to help people make a difference in their daily lives while reducing their individual impact on the environment by minimizing their plastic and food waste.

As a company, we are committed to continually evaluating how we can further reduce our carbon footprint–from the design, production and packaging of our products, to how they get to your door and through their continual use. By 2025, our goal is to deliver our products to you in only compostable and biodegradable packaging.

We encourage everyone to join us as we focus on the longevity of our planet by wasting less in our daily lives. And to do that, we have launched a movement called No Time to Waste. Take the pledge at and help us make a difference.

Tupperware Independent Reps like these are at the forefront of our movement, sharing sustainable solutions for a waste-free lifestyle with their Hosts and customers.

“Sustainability to me means life! We only get one life, one body, one planet. We need to be good stewards of the resources available to us so we can make them last. Whether it be eating well to sustain our health, or making the choice to do our part to eliminate single-use plastic in our daily lives to sustain the environment, everyone has the opportunity to be a part of the change. Tupperware’s passion for innovation results in a quality line of products designed to eliminate waste, as well as a party plan that makes it simple for anyone, regardless of financial status or stature, to get on board and take advantage of the sustainable lifestyle.”

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“Sustainability means a better future for my children. We need to make a change and reduce the single-use plastic and food waste we produce. We need to create a cleaner environment for them, and I whole-heartedly agree Tupperware® products help with that. It all goes back to reduce, reuse and recycle. Tupperware can be passed down from generation to generation helping you and your family live a more sustainable life for years to come.”

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“Hoy más que nunca el planeta necesita productos que contribuyan a una vida más sustentable y Tupperware los ha estado fabricando por más de 71 años. Yo antes compraba muchos productos de un solo uso como vasos para el café, bolsas o platos desechables, pero los he cambiado por productos reutilizables como el Termo Metálico y los Recipientes Vent ’N Serve® para guardar y recalentar la comida. Tupperware es lo ideal para mantener el equilibrio entre el medioambiente, mi vida social y lo económico.”

“Today more than ever, the planet needs products that contribute to a more sustainable life, and Tupperware has been making them for more than 71 years. I used to buy a lot of single-use products such as coffee cups, disposable bags or plates, but I switched to reusable products like the Insulated Thermal Flask and the Vent ‘N Serve® containers to keep and reheat food. Tupperware is perfect to balance the environment, my social life and my finances.”

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“Nous avons réorganisé complètement notre façon de cuisiner. Nous achetons ce qu’il nous faut pour le transformer nous même, sans passer par le « déjà fait » pour minimiser le suremballage et même prévenir le recyclage, en plus d’être plus santé! Nous n’utilisons que les bouteilles d’eau réutilisables et préparons une boite à lunch 0 déchet pour toute la famille. Les produits Tupperware sont faciles d’utilisation, pratiques et se nettoient facilement. Il suffit d’un peu de bon vouloir et l’utilité des produits Tupperware fera le reste!”

“We have completely reorganized our way of cooking. We buy what we need in order to transform it ourselves instead of going for ‘ready-made’ products. This allows us to minimize the overwrapping and even avoid recycling, and we are in better health! We only use reusable water bottles and we prepare zero waste lunches for the whole family. Tupperware® products are easy to use, practical and easy to clean. If you set your mind to it, Tupperware® products will do the rest!”

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