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Maier Runyon Politics to Parties

Sometimes I wonder what my life would’ve been like without Tupperware, and I just don’t think our family life would have been as rich.

Before Tupperware, I worked for a political action committee, and I’d also worked for a United States Senator. I can’t imagine a career more demanding than politics. I worked a lot of hours.

At the time, my husband was a sales rep. So I sometimes wonder what our children would be like had they been constantly in day care with both parents traveling so much. As parents, we probably would’ve been like ships passing in the night.

Tupperware has been a perfect fit for our family.

My husband joined me full-time in the business, so that allowed us a tag-team parenting style. If I was out working or training, he could be at home with the kids and vice versa. Tupperware has been a perfect fit for our family.

We’ve had the opportunity to travel the world. Tupperware has spoiled us with trips to Australia, Bali, Paris, London, Quebec and the Greek Islands. We’ve been to Hawaii two or three times and all these trips have been once-in-a-lifetime, perspective-changing experiences.

Tupperware has instilled confidence in my children.

Our four kids turned out to be great adults and I think that our Tupperware business has made a big difference in their lives.

…I see a second generation “Tupper Effect” on my children.

Just by watching what we do in Tupperware, they’ve learned to go for their dreams. Since they’ve watched us set and meet goals, I believe my children have done things that maybe they wouldn’t have done otherwise. That really makes me happy because I see a second generation “Tupper Effect” on my children.

Two of my children are working actors in Los Angeles. I sometimes question, “Would they have had the guts to do that had they not grown up in Tupperware?” I think they’ve learned an attitude of believing in themselves because they’ve watched us build a Tupperware business.

Our Tupperware income has removed financial barriers for our family.

And it’s allowed our children to follow their passions. Two studied at an acting conservatory in New York City. And our Tupperware income afforded them the chance to live in the city and study for 3–4 years each.

…we were able to pay for private college tuition at the school of her choice.

One of my daughters attended private school in Alabama and is now a Labor and Delivery Nurse.  She wasn’t restricted to in-state tuition fees; we were able to pay for private college tuition at the school of her choice. The same is true for my youngest daughter who graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Georgia and now works for the Rachel Zoe Company in New York.

So from a financial perspective, Tupperware has allowed our children to pursue their dreams. As parents, we’ve been able to say, “If you work hard enough to do it, we are going to work hard enough to pay for it.” And Tupperware has allowed that.

Our Tupperware business has been life changing for sure. It changed the direction of my family’s life by giving us more time together, more enriching experiences for our children and now our grandchildren and the opportunity to teach them that you really can do anything you want to do in this life.

Maier Runyon Politics to Parties

Maier Runyon, Business Leader