Jacqueline Embraces Brother & Sisterhood

Jacqueline Nettles Tupperware

In addition to running my Tupperware business I’m also a firefighter and paramedic. I’ve seen things that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I’ve been the last person to hold a stranger’s baby, and held them as I told them that we did everything that could be done. I’ve been the one to tell family members that what we did was enough, and were able to give them more time. I’ve helped families dig through their possessions after their house burned down, just to see what they could salvage.

I knew those things would happen; I signed up for it. I knew that I might not come home and that I wasn’t going to make much money… but never did I think I’d be selling Tupperware at a fire station to firefighters – my best customers.

We have a brotherhood, and my Tupperware family gives me that same feeling.

We are a team, and we all want each other to succeed. I have the best team possible.

With Tupperware, I have been able to set up fundraisers to help people in a different way. I love being Tupperware!

Jacqueline Nettles, Consultant.