Jessica’s Move From Bartender To Director

I decided I was going to work my Tupperware business “for real”…

I joined Tupperware eight years ago to make some extra money.

I needed something flexible as I was working as a bartender/manager at the time. I loved my job, and it made me happy, but I started to resent it due to missing valuable family time. I was doing Tupperware as more of a hobby back then, just staying active by having a party here and there. One night I had a huge party, and made over $400 in just two hours, plus I earned several hundred dollars in free Tupperware.

No one kicked me out while I was a hobbyist…

The next day I went to work at the bar on such a high. When I was yelled at for something very minor, I decided to put in my two weeks’ notice. I decided I was going to work my Tupperware business “for real”, and I really needed to as I was getting married in four months. Two months after my wedding, my husband gave me an ultimatum; either get serious about Tupperware or quit. I already couldn’t imagine going to a “real job” so, I got serious.

In a little over a year, I promoted to Director, earned a trip to Hawaii, and qualified to drive a Tupperware car! I love that Tupperware was ready for me when I was ready to get serious. No one kicked me out while I was a hobbyist, and I always felt appreciated by my Director. Now that I am a Director, I work hard to make sure each team member feels special, and that I support their business.

Whether they want a career, something part-time, something fun to do, or a way to build some confidence, I am there to help them get what they want! I love what I do!

Jessica Littlejohn, Star Director