Julie’s Dream Comes True

Julie Hamlin Tupperware

Julie said yes to the Tupperware Opportunity for one reason, and what she got out of it was a whole lot more than she was expecting. Little did she know about the support she would quickly receive and the self-confidence she would discover. Way to go, Julie!

I joined Tupperware in January 2014 to earn extra money to make a dream come true: get married without getting into debt. Week after week, I realized that Tupperware was bringing me much more than extra money; it allowed me to fulfill myself as a woman. I discovered I had entrepreneurial skills that I would never have suspected! My self-confidence increased, thanks to recognition from Tupperware, meetings with my Director Sylvain Lalonde and the wonderful Maria Meriano. They taught me to be more organized and to be more present for my family.

Julie Hamlin Tupperware

Now, Tupperware is part of our everyday life as a couple. We planned our honeymoon according to the dates of Jubilee. We will go to Disney World for a few days to end this dream week at Jubilee in Orlando! What other job would allow my spouse to take part in the celebration of our success? Thank you Tupperware, Sylvain, Maria and my team for helping me become the woman I always wanted to be.

—Julie Ford-Hamelin, Star Manager

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