Love What You Do: Judi

After her husband’s layoff, Judi turned to Tupperware as a short-term solution—that was 23 years ago! Judi has found that Tupperware offers more than parties.

It’s an amazing feeling to help build someone’s confidence…

Judi Daugherty
Judi Daugherty,
Spring, TX

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  • Gaila says:

    I contacted your company on 7/13 regarding my fundraiser. Ticket #2214261 I have not heard back from your company after numerous attempts to resolve this through your Mexico City call center. I have very upset coworkers because they have yet to receive their products.
    I need someone to make this order right for me so that I do not have to have my co workers wait any longer and so that I do not have to pay back the fundraiser money out of my own pocket for a Tupperware mistake. Please contact me asap as I am willing to contact legal advise for getting this resolved

  • Paula says:

    Why are there no more servalier bowls (any size) available for purchase?
    They are to only ones we use.
    Is Tupperware discontinuing the Servalier style??
    Thanks for your reply

    • Tupperware US & Canada says:

      Hi Paula. The Servalier style has not been included in our catalog recently however we do bring the style back occasionally in our monthly brochures.

  • Paula says:

    Thank you for such your welcomed fast reply.
    Hope you can tell me when this will happen.
    I am sooooooo (lol) ready to scoop up quite a few of the sm. & med sized Servaliers
    I have many of the larger sizes. We just love them.
    Many thanks

  • Paula says:

    One other comment………..
    Saw them on Amazon, but leery on purchasing them, as I’m not sure if they are brand new.
    I don’t like “used” products.

  • Paula says:

    I purchased the set of three servalier bowls from this (your) site about one month ago. I need to know if they are BPA free.
    Please let me know as soon as possible…. I am ready to toss them in the trash.
    It would be “KIND” of you to let me know ASAP.

  • Paula says:

    Thank you for your timely response ;0) No BPA …. Terrific !
    Since I will only make purchases from your site, I will, (weekly) return to see if you have new ( sm. & med.) Servalier ‘s for me to purchase.
    Once again, Thanks. Paula

  • Paula says:


    Just checking to see if you have a way of getting me some more BPA free servalier bowls.
    Thanks, Paula

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