Sherida’s Instilled Drive

I started my Tupperware business 27 years ago to make some extra money. I was a college student with a brand new baby. My first party was scary; I was so nervous. But the people I did the party with were so nice, and made me feel comfortable. I got through it painlessly. It only took six parties to feel like I could do anything.

The thing I enjoy the most about my business now is meeting new people, and seeing that excitement on their faces when they’re either getting free Tupperware, or learning about the product from me and saying things like, “Gosh, I didn’t know this could do that!” That’s it for me—seeing the joy and excitement in people’s eyes.

My family’s life has been changed by Tupperware in so many ways. We were able to buy our first home, send our kids to private school and college, and take vacations. It also keeps us eating healthier because Tupperware keeps our food fresher. I watch my children now, who are all adults, and I see their confidence, how successful they are at their jobs and in school, and how they interact with people—and I know all of that came from what I’ve instilled in them from what I’ve learned from Tupperware.

Not to mention, the Tupperware car program has been the best for my business. I’ve driven more than twenty cars throughout my Tupperware career, and my children were always the most excited to have a brand new car show up almost every year. It’s made it so that we’ve never had to worry about a second car payment. That has made all the difference for our family.

—Sherida Brinson, Business Leader

Gilroy, CA