She’s my mentor, my best friend…my Tupperware Director

Nikki Hight Tupperware

At Tupperware’s annual Jubilee in August, a Princess was crowned by being the Top Manager in unit sales from March 26–July 29, 2016. That Princess was Nikki Hight. On the same stage stood a member of the Empress Royal Court, Nikki’s recruiter and leader, 3 Star Director Tabitha Brinkman.

I am so blessed to be a part of the Accolade Enterprise organization and to have Tabitha Brinkman as my Director and recruiter. She is my mentor and best friend. She has listened to me cry, whine and celebrate. She is always in my corner and cheering me on. She has poured herself into her business so much. We have almost nightly virtual trainings available at Accolade. Tabitha does coaching calls, helps her team figure out monetary goals, person goals…anything and everything, she is there. Tabitha saw someone in me that I did not see—a woman roaring to get out, who could be successful, proud and joyful of what she is accomplishing. She challenges me to do amazing things in Tupperware, BUT it is so much more than that. Tabitha challenges me to be a better human being. To be kinder, to lead with my entire heart. Through her and our Business Leader, Debbie Dickey, my relationship with the Lord is back and stronger than ever. I truly understand what leading by example is. Because of them, I am here today.


Princess Nikki!

Posted by Tupperware U.S. & Canada on Thursday, August 4, 2016


Team Accolade Tupperware

Nikki Hight Team Car
–Nikki Hight, (now) 2 Star Director

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