Tech Savvy Renee

I signed up in April of 2016 and became a Director in October 2016. I have an incredible upline, but I would say I did it quicker than most because I needed to. I needed it for my family.

I hadn’t had a home party before I became a Director; I had only done Facebook parties. Without technology, I would not be where I am. It’s played a huge role in me finding Tupperware—I didn’t even know Tupperware was still around until I was invited to an online party. Nikki Hight was the Consultant. She did all of the parts that you would do at a home party, but she did them virtually!

When she started talking about the Opportunity, my husband had just had been cleared of stage 3 colon cancer, but he wasn’t able to work for six months. So when she shared the Opportunity online, I thought, “So this is a way for me to still be home with my children and catch up on our medical bills and not miss a doctor appointment.” That’s very important to me. So, I started having parties online. And then unfortunately in July of 2016, my husband was diagnosed with cancer again. The oncologist told us it was so rare it only happens in one percent of people.

It was at my grand opening party that I realized I wanted to use Tupperware to pay medical bills for my husband. But not only that—Tupperware was something I  could do for myself that was mine. I had just spent the past seven months taking care of my husband and my kids, and so I really needed something positive. It was shortly after that that I started attending all of the virtual events, and I was getting recognized. It had a positive impact on my life because that recognition was just for me. It pulled me out of a depression. It gave me confidence. And that’s all because of my team. There’s something unique about the Accolades. We’re part of something. We’re a family.

I love what I do mainly because I love to watch my team change, when they get that light in their heart, when they find their path. Tupperware gives women so many choices. It doesn’t just work for me—it could work for anybody, whether at home or online. And I love that it’s different for everyone.

—Renee Pusateri, Director

Las Vegas, NV