TFFs: Caroline and Geneviève

Caroline and Genevieve

We’re all about the team! Teammates and friends, 2 Star Director Caroline Schoofs from Montreal, Quebec, and Star Director Geneviève Gallant of Longueuil, Quebec, share their TFF (Tupperware Friend Forever) story in honor of Friendship Month:

Even though it took three attempts before she finally said “YES,” my Geneviève is unquestionably the most loyal and faithful ally, ever since she joined my team in November 2006. We went through hell and high water and we’ve celebrated huge victories. I remember how deeply touched I was when she stepped up to Director (my very first one), then when she earned her Mustang.

…she is my crazy half!

During the last nine years, together we organized multiple events, rallies and evening gatherings for the whole community. We’ve built a strong collaboration (like C-3PO and R2-D2); she is my crazy half! Our kids grew up seeing their mothers as invaluable role models, helping and supporting each other, being outstanding entrepreneurs—while putting forward a valued friendship. We definitely are TFFs!

–Caroline Schoofs, Star Director

Caroline and Genevieve

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  • Joan Kelly says:


    J’ai un couvercle qui est brisé, j’habite Greenfield Park, dans Longueuil, et j’aimerais savoir ou aller pour le faire remplacer.

    ca fait longtemps que je n’ai plus de representante


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