TFFs: Pam and Judi

Friends Pam Clift and Judi Daugherty

Friendship Month continues with a spotlight on longtime TFFs (Tupperware Friends Forever) Pam Clift, Business Leader from Brunswick, OH, and Judi Daugherty, Business Leader of Spring, TX. Though Pam and Judi live thousands of miles apart from one another, their friendship has grown strong over the last 15 years after they met through Tupperware.

We are excited to see each other’s success and have had the opportunity to celebrate and encourage each other for 15 plus years. We knew and admired each other before we became great friends. With so many things in common, including people thinking we are sisters, we look back and know we were meant to be friends. We remember hanging out and buying fine jewelry in Hawaii at a distributor conference, but a Tupperware award trip to Rome is where we really secured that unbreakable bond that has made us friends forever. Since then, we have traveled together, with our husbands, to Edinburgh, London, Prague, Cancun, Florence, Nice, Monaco, Santorini, Dubrovnik, Napa, Sonoma, San Juan, and Hawaii, often extending those trips to spend more time together. All thanks to Tupperware!

Our friendship has grown past the bonds of Tupperware…

Our friendship has grown past the bonds of Tupperware, celebrating and sharing birthdays, graduations and weddings. We share things as best friends do, and we truly love each other—we both feel blessed our families are part of this unbelievable friendship. They say that an average person will have five true friends in a lifetime. Thank you, Tupperware, for helping us find one of our five.

Pam and Judi TFFs
–Pam and Judi

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