Thanks to her team, Amanda took her family to Disney World

Amanda Buckle Pineau Disney

At Tupperware, we truly believe it takes a team to help accomplish our goals. For Director Amanda Buckle-Pineau, one of these goals was to take her family on an all-expense-paid trip to Walt Disney World.

I originally reached out to a local Consultant looking for new Cereal Storers because I found bugs in my cereal. Yes…GROSS! The Consultant took the time to tell me about the Tupperware Opportunity and it piqued my interest. At the time, I ran a daycare out of my home and by the end of the day I was exhausted. I soon got into a routine where I would never leave my house. Being someone who suffered with anxiety and depression, I recognized the pattern I was falling into and needed to do something about it. When Jenn gave me the details of becoming a Tupperware Consultant, I thought, this was just what I need. Then she told me I could earn a trip to Walt Disney World for my family!!! We had already been saving for our Disney trip for several years at this point so when she told me about an all-expense-paid Disney vacation, I leaped at the opportunity! I instantly started building my team, working day and night.

I wanted them to experience Disney because I didn’t get that opportunity.

I got my very first recruit on my wedding day, while I was being zipped into my dress! The idea of earning that trip meant so much to my family, but probably even more to me. When I was younger, 10 years old, all my friends were going to Disney for our Easter break. I wanted to go so bad. I remember sitting at the dinner table asking my parents why we couldn’t we go like everyone else. I was mad, upset. That night, my dad said that he would take us someday. I went to bed a very happy girl. Unfortunately, that day never came. My dad passed away a little while later from cancer. That hope I had of seeing the castle and meeting Mickey sadly faded away. I knew when I had kids that I wanted them to experience Disney because I didn’t get that opportunity.

Seeing the smiles on my family’s faces made all the hard work and tears worth it.

I remember the day we earned our first trip. It was the last day of the sales month and it was late in the night. After getting over the shock, I climbed in bed with my four-year-old and told him that we did it. He was so excited he cried!!! The trip was amazing, like any Disney trip should be. Seeing the smiles on my family’s faces made all the hard work and tears worth it. While we were waiting for the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, my son looked at me and asked me why I was crying. I told him it was because I was happy, very, very happy. He gave me a big hug and said he was happy too and then asked, “Will Tupperware bring us back to Disney someday?” and I could honestly say, “Yes, buddy, they sure will!” My team is the reason we earned that trip. They worked so hard. They made it their goal to help get my son to Disney! Without them, it would never have happened!! I am truly grateful for them, and to Tupperware, for this amazing opportunity my family has been given.

Amanda Buckle Pineau Disney
–Amanda Buckle-Pineau, Director

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