Thatsa Lotta Love

Thatsa Lotta Love Renee Wagner

Almost two years ago, my nieces lived with my husband, my kids and I during my brother’s transition to being a single dad. When they moved in with us they were 8 months and 1½. They are so much more to me than nieces. They are like my children. When we had to move to Cleveland for my husband’s cancer treatment, we could not bring them with us, so my mom and brother have been raising them.

…it was a way to create memories with my family.

I was fortunate to go home for Thanksgiving to surprise my entire family. I love that Tupperware has given me the opportunity to support my family while we are away from home. When I went to see them, the first thing my nieces asked was to help me make cookies. Of course I obliged. They love to help in the kitchen and they love our Thatsa® Bowls. They think they are theirs and often take them from the cabinet to play pretend. I wanted to share this image of pure joy as they baked with me this winter. I would not have been able to go home if I didn’t step up to Director. My $1,000 bonus is so much more than money—it was a way to create memories with my family. So thank you from the bottom of my heart, Tupperware.

–Renee Wagner, Director

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