The Tupperware Party: Not Just for Ladies

Earnest Vinson Executive Manager Party

A less-than-thrilled party attending husband turned party throwing Sales Force Member:

I was attending a Tupperware party that was hosted by my wife. Of course, I had originally declined to go, but was made to attend against my will :). Anyways, as I sat there, halfway paying attention and sighing, the Consultant started explaining the FridgeSmart® containers and showed the demonstration, and that’s when my ears perked up and I started to pay attention. As the evening went on, I started thinking to myself that if I didn’t know how to use the FridgeSmart® containers (that I was currently using to heat leftovers in, my bad) that there were probably lots of guys who didn’t know either.

…it’s pretty cool to be the only handsome guy at the all ladies parties

That day, I decided that I was going to start doing all male cooking demos and inviting guys to our informational sessions—and I’ve never looked back. Also, as the lone male Sales Force Member in my city, it’s pretty cool to be the only handsome guy at the all ladies parties that I do demonstrations at—just saying! I’ve also decided that in 2016 I’ll do my best to get more males involved in saving time and money by teaching other men…and women (who already know everything anyways) the value of the many uses of Tupperware!

Earnest Vinson Executive Manager
–Earnest Vinson, Executive Manager

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