From TupperKid to TupperLady

Denise Guin Tupperware

Here at Tupperware, we celebrate Mom every day—not just on Mother’s Day! So when we read Executive Manager Denise Guin’s story, it was something we just had to share with all of you:

I’m a TupperKid…all grown up. My mom started her business when I was 18 months old. As the youngest of 4 girls, my older sisters were grown and out of the house, so at some point there was no one left to babysit. I went everywhere with my mom. Delivering, throwing books in every driveway we could find. When I was old enough, I would babysit at her parties while the ladies shopped and Mom did her demo. Back then the titles were different, but Mom had a new car every two years and then moved up to VIP and got one EVERY year. Not to mention the prizes she won. One year, we got our first TV with a VCR and video camera. We thought we were something else!

Mom put all four of us kids through college with her Tupperware earnings.

Mom put all four of us kids through college with her Tupperware earnings. She gave her whole life to us kids and her grandkids. After nearly 40 years of Tupperware, Mom went to be with the angels on January 25, 2012. She was even offering her nurses Tupperware catalogs that day…it was in her blood! Mom touched SO many people during her time here on Earth. I picked up where she left off and am carrying on with her legacy. I have met so many people who loved her so very much.

Denise Guin Tupperware

Those new friendships and being able to carry her with me inspire me EVERY day. I never knew how fun it was to be a Tupperware Lady, until I actually tried it! Not to mention how rewarding it is. I couldn’t believe it when I got my first award for sales! I would love to make Director, hand in my two-weeks’ notice and drive a Tupperware car!

I never knew how fun it was to be a Tupperware Lady, until I actually tried it!

Denise Guin Tupperware

—Denise Guin, Tupperware Executive Manager

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  • Beth Allan says:

    Tears in my eyes!!! Your mama was so precious! I know she is smiling down!

  • Winn Koehler says:

    Happy Birthday!

  • Alice says:

    My mother died Dec 12 1978. She was the community’s beloved Tupperware Lady. She was a manager ( title used at the time). She was given a new car every 2 years. My mom used her earnings, in part, to pay our parochial school tuition (6 kids). She had so many successful “recruits”, (some managers as well), that she was receiving ‘override’ checks on her deathbed. Tupperware was everything to our family. The trips to Orlando, the car, the mini warehouse in our spare bedroom, the datebook, the catalogues. Delivery dates, packing orders, it was a family affair. My mother’s wake and funeral was PACKED with Tupperware Ladies! She died young, only 50. God only knows where this business would have taken her. I never had an interest in selling Tupperware, but I support those in my community who do. I just ordered 2 Christmas gifts…. A set of mixing bowls and some Tupper Toys for my 5th grandchild! Once a TupperKid always a TupperKid!

  • when my son was about 3 to 4 yrs old there was a bear that tupperware sold, his name was Ted E. Bear it was in the year 1986 to 1987. My son was young and his big sister threw the bear outside one night and it was chewed up by a badger. He has children now and is looking for this bear. He had brown fur. Wore a baseball cap and blue bibbed overalls on and his name was on the front of the pants. My mother was a tupperware lady at the time and she bought it for him for Christmas. We have been looking for a bear just like him for years. If you remember what he looks like or knows how I can get one for him it was would be greatly appreciated. He would be shocked to see him again all these years. Thank you.

  • If anyone finds one and would like to sell this bear please contact me, you may use info above or text 5133932262. Thank you for your time.

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