Tupperware Tucks Us In

Isaac Tupperware Party

Sometimes it’s the unexpected TupperMoments we’re most grateful for.

So I said, “Oh no, honey, people don’t need to steal our Tupperware.”

I’m putting my six-year-old son to bed and he’s worried about robbers. You mamas all know how the worries come out right before they fall into dreamland! So we talk softly and I say, “It’s ok, we don’t have expensive things in our house that robbers would want to steal.” And he responds, “But Mama, we have A LOT of Tupperware!” (As a Director, I do carry products in inventory for team rewards and for incentives to help them date parties and sign up new team members, etc.) So I said, “Oh no, honey, people don’t need to steal our Tupperware. They can just have a party and get it for free!” And he chirps, “Oh yeah! When you go to your work! That’s right!”

Isaac Tupperware Party

And just like that, all is well and he’s off to sleep. Now that, my TupperFriends, is the power of the Tupperware party!! Helping children sleep soundly since 1946 🙂 (And yes, at night, he still has his warm milk in a “baby sippy cup with a baby sippy lid” (Bell Tumbler with Domed Sipper Seal®!) He’s a little TupperKid alright!

–Treva Kennedy Osborne, Director

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