Tupperware x NASA Launch

You already know our products are out of this world, and now we mean it literally.

In partnership with aerospace experts, Techshot, we helped develop time-saving plant growth devices for NASA that give a whole new meaning to fresh veggies. While products like our fan-favorite FridgeSmart® containers keep fruits and vegetables farmers market fresh, PONDS actually produces them—in space.

Yes, that space. Outer space.

First launched to the International Space Station last year, PONDS, or Passive Orbital Nutrient Delivery System, optimizes the growth of lettuce and tomatoes, while reducing the amount of time astronauts monitor and water them.

Here at Tupperware, we’re dedicated to saving you time in the kitchen so you have more time for what matters. We’re proud to lend the same design expertise that we use on the products in your home to NASA. With PONDS, astronauts now have the capability to easily and efficiently grow produce, from seedling to stalk, so they too have more time for what matters. (Like, um, roaming the galaxy.)

We’re more than global. We’re defying gravity.

Catch us blasting off to the ISS live today, April 17, at 4:46pm ET!