A Message from Brownie Wise

As we kick off Birthday Month, we’d like to get the party started with a special message from Brownie Wise—the ingenious marketer who helped Tupperware skyrocket to success through the Tupperware party. Wise understood early on that women needed more options for making a good living. Under her leadership in the 1950s, Tupperware was able to offer women expanded opportunities to drive their income and build their confidence. Today, the trails she blazed still resonate with us all as it reminds us of why we do what we do, and why we love to do it!

In honor of her extraordinary legacy and as a special thank you to our Sales Force, who continue to empower women and men just like Brownie did, we wanted to share some of her inspiring words:

A message from Brownie Wise

“There is nothing wrong with wanting things. In fact, we should all be better off if we wanted more, provided, of course, we followed up our wants with action. When I talk about ‘wanting,’ I don’t have in mind the pastime of idle wishing. Wanting is not something you do with just your heart or your mind. You want with your hands, with your energy, with your head, with your feet, with your ambition. We are largely in the business of wanting. … If you want something badly enough, you are going to get it … so be sure you occupy yourself with wanting the good things. Your hopes and aspirations are powerful activating forces, and you must take care that they are directed at all times into the proper channels.”  1952