Top 3 Small Spaces to Use Tupperware® Products

Garlic Butter Grilled Potatoes

Heading back to school might mean small spaces are ahead. Make the most of them with our convenient and multi-use kitchen tools!

College dorm rooms

Students can’t own most cooking products so microwaves are the best option for making their favorite comfort food. Plus, since a microwave cooks in approx. ¼ of the time compared to conventional cook times, busy schedules are no worry for a student equipped with a MicroPro® Grill.

MicroPro® Grill

  1. Use the MicroPro® Grill to makes grilled cheese, hot sandwiches, or grilled meats.
  2. Our Breakfast Maker Set cooks eggs quickly when you’re late for a morning class.
  3. The Microwave Pasta Maker makes it easy to cook ooey gooey mac ’n cheese.


Apartments have a small living area. Our products stack and nest in each other to stay organized and clutter free so that you can focus on the things that matter!


UltraPro Ovenware

  1. Modular Mates® Containers are stackable and clear to easily find what you need and stay organized.
  2. Love to bake but have no room for baking pans? Make scrumptious cakes in our TupperWave® Stack Cooker.
  3. Cook with UltraPro Ovenware in the microwave and oven. Use the same container to put leftovers in the fridge or freezer.


Maybe you sacrificed space to live in an active, central area. Save space and time with these tips!

FridgeSmart Holiday

FridgeSmart® Containers

  1. Stack seals vertically. Keep them standing by leaning them against their matching containers.
  2. Save a trip to the store by keeping produce fresher for longer in our FridgeSmart® Containers.
  3. Stack Vent ‘N Serve® Containers in the fridge or freezer and reheat it in the same container.


Written by Irimar Garcia