10 Must-Have Fall Products

10 Must Have Fall Products

From football parties to potlucks, the chilly fall season means spending more time indoors with the ones you love. Whether you’re carving pumpkins or just raking leaves, these 10 Fall Must-Haves will help you spend more time with friends and family and less time in the kitchen.


1. Microwave Pressure Cooker

Fall is the season for hearty soup, chili or chowder. The 2-qt./2 L Microwave Pressure Cooker cuts down on cook time, but not flavor, giving your meal complex aromas without waiting hours for braising and boiling.

Microwave Pressure Cooker

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2. Thatsa® Bowls

Store your Halloween loot with our complete line of Thatsa® Mega Bowls with seals.

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3. CrystalWave® PLUS Soup Mug

Busy fall day? Take soup, chili or chowder on the go. PLUS stain-guard technology helps prevent stains from your fall faves lingering into the spring.

CrystalWave Soup Mug

Loaded Baked Potato Soup


4. Mandoline

A definite must-have for apple pie, the Mandoline is here for all your apple creations. Anything from apple chips to apple fries, the Mandoline easily cuts fruits and veggies into 8 different shapes: slices, sticks, diamonds, waffles, cubes, julienne, crinkle slices and crinkle sticks.

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5. Apple Corer

A fall kitchen essential for all things apple.

Apple Corer

Classic Deep Dish Apple Pie


6. UltraPro Ovenware

Bake apple cobbler and pumpkin bread—at the same time!—with the ultra smart UltraPro Ovenware set.


Applicious Apple Crisp


7. Corkscrew

You need to open the wine in order to mull it! Quickly open those wine bottles and get that spiced wine into your glass ASAP.

Orange Cranberry Sangria


8. Chip ’N Dip

Keep your queso warm and your salsa cold. The Chip ’N Dip Set comes with two microwave-reheatable bowls, ensuring your dip stays the perfect temperature, just in time for football season!

Chip N Dip

Creamy Avocado Dip


9. MicroPro Grill

Nothing goes better with a warm bowl of tomato soup than a hot, crispy grilled cheese sandwich. Make your favorite crispy, melty sandwiches in your microwave (yeah, we said microwave) using the innovative MicroPro Grill.

MicroPro Grill

Cheesy Apple Panini


10. Microwave Reheatable Cereal Bowls

What’s cozier than snuggling on the couch with your favorite snack? This set of four 2-cup/500 mL bowls with liquid-tight seals is perfect for kettle corn, candy or pumpkin oatmeal.

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