10 Summertime Activities for Kids

Summertime Activities for Kids

School is out, summer is in!

But how will you fill the 10 weeks or so until your sweet ones are back with their never-more-appreciated-than summertime, hardworking teachers?

We asked around the Tupperware Home Office and staffers offered up these ideas they use in their own backyards.

  1. Thank Local Heroes

    Hand-make thank you cards and deliver them during a tour of your police or fire station. Since most locations don’t have set visiting hours, call ahead to arrange an appointment.

  2. Backyard Field Day Competitions

    Hula Hoop
    Jump Rope
    Tug of War
    Hop Scotch
    Small Obstacle Course

  3. Neighborhood Art Walk

    Ask a few neighbors and friends to join your kids in decorating the neighborhood sidewalks with chalk drawings. Then, host a sidewalk show for the neighbors.

  4. Outdoor Group Games

    Designate one evening a week for some friendly multifamily competition (think kickball, softball and capture the flag). Keep things fair each round of game by designating a different parent to referee (get rules for dozens of sports at gameskidsplay.net) and dividing into new teams, like dads and daughters versus moms and sons.

  5. Kids’ Cooking Party

    Rally the kids and their friends for a day of learning how to cook. Find fun recipes on our Ice Pops board on Pinterest and let the kids create their own culinary masterpieces using Lollitups® Freezable Forms. Double the fun by letting kids pick their own produce from a real farm, farmer’s market or grocery store. They’ll enjoy taking the process from start to delicious finish!

  6. Camping Indoors

    During the summer, some kids stray from their regular bedtime. So why not get their imagination going and distract them from the TV by creating a fort with old sheets? Then, take turns creating a sorta-scary story inside the fort.

  7. Water Day

    Turn your backyard into a water park for a day. Kids love to splash each other with water balloons and toys. Small, inflatable pools or slides are also a summertime favorite. Just be sure to remember the sunscreen!

  8. Family Night Out

    Many business offer summer specials. Be sure to check your local entertainment options for deals on bowling, skating (on the ice or at a roller rink!), movies and arcades.

  9. Teach Me Something New

    Keep the kids learning during the summer. Once a week, children take turns teaching family members a fun dance, origami, song or joke. Parents can get in on the action too!

  10. Nostalgic Game Night

    Playing cards
    Connect Four
    Candy Land

Whatever activity you choose, be sure to make it memorable. After all, you’ll have your kids for about 18 summers and then they’ll be on their way. Savor your summer!


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