4 Salads in a Quick Shake

Quick Shake Salads

Quick Salads on the Go—Just Shake, Serve and Enjoy!

Looking for an alternative to your regular lunch routine? Stay energized and refreshed during these warm spring days by lunching on one of our delicious Quick Shake® salads! The Quick Shake® Container is perfect for storing your favorite ingredients until you’re ready to enjoy a fresh salad. Just be sure to pour the dressing in first, followed by heavy fruits and veggies (think tomatoes, grapes, blueberries, etc.) so the lettuce and other ingredients stay crisp inside your container.
Quick Shake Layers

Chicken Cobb Salad

Quick Salads on the Go

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Healthy Quinoa & Spinach Salad

Quick Salads on the Go

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Quick & Easy Pasta Salad

Quick Salads on the Go

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Taco Salad

Quick Salads on the Go

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  • cynthia vaillancourt says:

    Thanks for the receipies. The are so easy. Can we get them in french please.

  • Is there a monthly subscription or a newsletter of recipes or a book i can buy with all the recipes in it?

    • Tupperware US & Canada says:

      Savannah, we do not offer a book however we plan to add more and more recipes to our weekly consumer emails. You can sign up by going to Tupperware.com and filling out the Stay Informed field towards the bottom of the page.

  • Michelle Hurley says:

    I have a defected product and would a replacement. I’m not sure who and where to contact someone.

    • Jamie Mayeux says:

      Michelle, you can call Tupperware at 1-800-TUPPERWARE (1-800-887-7379) for a warranty claim. You can also find out more about what the warranty covers by going to http://www.tupperware.com/info/Warranty . Hopefully this help you. My mom just called tonight about a cracking seal on one of her canisters that she received as a wedding gift 46 years ago. They are covering it and sending her a new seal.

  • Sharon says:

    I have a large rectangular container that the lid is broke. The number on the lid is:1610-4. The measurement of the lid is about 7 x 10 3/4. Would it be possible to be able to get a new lid. It should have been replaced within the first year but I couldn’t find a dealer. The person I had had gotten sick.

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