4 Springtime Entertaining Tips With The Krazy 8 Set

Family, friends, chocolate-covered bunnies and pastel-colored eggs! We’re sure to see plenty of these we head into the spring season, and you may be wondering how you can create delicious meals, with little mess, little prep, and lots of flavor. We want to make sure you’re spending more quality time with the family around the table, rather than standing over the stove. So, lets hop to it!


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Tupperware® Krazy 8 Impressions Set

4 Springtime Entertaining Tips

Tip 1: Brew a pitcher of sunshine. Create your family’s favorite tea or lemonade the night before in our Pitcher with Infuser Insert.

Tip 2: Sip with less mess! Fill our Tupperware® Impressions Tumblers with dripless straw seals with your refreshment of choice and watch your family enjoy the Easter egg hunt!

Tip 2: Don’t let the paint chip away! Store your beautifully created Easter eggs inside of our Tupperware Impressions Classic Bowl Sets. 

Tip 3: Chop. Season. Store. Our Microwavable Reheatable Cereal Bowls are perfect for serving a colorful array of fruits before the main course is served (also great for reheating planovers)!

Tip 4: Extra crunch, kept extra fresh! Add some carrots (and a pop of color) to your salad mix and keep it hoppingly fresh in our 18-cup Impressions Bowls.

P.S.: The best thing about our Springtime Meal Prep? You’ve just prepped, stored and served your way to even more time with the family!

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