7 Essential Tools for a Savory Summer

7 Tools for a Savory Summer Feature

Whether you’re hosting a backyard bash or having a few friends over for tapas, the right tools make all the difference. Take a look at this list of some of our favorites and make sure you’re stocked for summer:

1. Multi-Tool

Pop metal bottle caps, unscrew plastic or glass bottle tops, plus open tins and vacuum-sealed jars with this amazing gadget. Available through June 10, 2016 only.

2. Fridge Stackables Family Set

With two 2¾-cup/700 mL containers and one each 1.5-qt./1.5 L container, grid and seal, it’s perfect for taking sandwich contents for picnic or beach outings.

Fridge Stackables Set

3. Corkscrew

Uncork a cool glass of wine on those warm summer nights. Easy to use, and easily pops any cork without breakage every time.


4. Ice Cream Scoop

We all scream for ice cream! Cuts through the hardest ice cream, scoop after scoop.


5. Hamburger Press and Keepers Set

Set of four seal-together Keepers, with top seal, press and ring to shape burger patties for backyard cookouts.

Hamburger Press and Keepers Set

Photo credit: @ashchilderhose (Instagram)

6. Zest ’N Press® Gadget

Add a touch of flavor to water and other beverages for a more fulfilling way to hydrate all summer long.

7. Quick Chef® Pro System

Fresh summer salsas made exactly to your liking. Turn handle easily controls speed of processing, so your dish can be whatever consistency you desire. Quick Chef® Pro recipes.

Quick Chef Pro


  • Cris Giampaolo says:

    Went to the Home and Garden show on Sunday, May 22nd in Anaheim, CA. Rep was set up and I had several items I wanted. I asked to see a catalog and was told to look online. She had no catalogs but gave me a flyer from December 2014. Was not friendly and was dismissive. I bought nothing. Very disappointed. I love Tupperware, but would never buy from this rep. No one else there.

  • Lorraine Fair says:

    I would like to order 2 bowl lids size Z

  • Mary says:

    Hi Lorraine,

    Please let me know if you still need assistance with placing an order for 2- size Z lids.

    Thank you!


  • Karen says:

    I just received this email today June 14,2016. I wanted the Multi-Tool I saw but noticed it said only available till June 10. If it isn’t available after June 10 then you should not still have it on your list. I really would like one if there are any left and for whatever the price was then. It that at all possible? Thank you

  • Becky Wangen says:

    Just ask me any questions you need answer. Thank You so much, Becky

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