A Tenacious Wish For Tanzania

A few times a year, we challenge our Sales Force to qualify for entries into a wishes drawing that we grant during a live broadcast. The stories of the wishes they submit really inspire us, and we always feel honored to be able to grant them.

Not only is it our goal to make quality products that last, and that change lives, we also encourage our quality Sales Force Members to be on the lookout for opportunities to help make other people’s wishes come true.

Myrtle Mitton, Business Leader in Kitchener, Ontario, received her wish for Misty and Jamie Duggan, and their ministry: Villages of Hope Africa (VOH Africa).

Jamie and Misty, along with their four children Kayleigh, Kaleb, Judie and Lucas, are in Mwanza, Tanzania, serving with Villages of Hope Africa (VOH Africa). The mission of VOH Africa is to bring lasting hope to children at risk so they can embrace adulthood and become contributing members of society. VOH Africa provides education, nutrition, health care and shelter for orphans and vulnerable children.

Jamie’s role as Project Manager in Tanzania is bringing hope to a community in need through the development and building of a new location, VOH Bulale. Misty’s role of VOH Africa Administrator directly affects the lives the over 3,000 children in 9 locations in 6 Sub-Saharan African countries as she administrates for VOH Africa as a whole.

Misty had this to share about Myrtle’s wish for them being granted:

“We received all the Tupperware in perfect condition, thank YOU! There is so much product and I was so surprised, what a blessing. There was a container for everything, which added such a nice variety. They stack, and I also love the shape and color.”

“The images we’ve shared are of the Tupperware in our home as well as at our ministry location, VOH Bulale with the kids there.”

Misty & Jamie’s Home


VOH Bulale


VOH Bulale


Congratulations to Myrtle for having her wish for Misty and Jamie granted. It’s incredible to hear of the amazing work they’re doing to change the lives of thousands of children in need in Tanzania!