Build Your Perfect Party With Tupperware!

It’s officially Birthday Month and we’re celebrating 70 years of the party, WOW!

Now, there’s one thing we know how to do well, and that’s party. As we celebrate our platinum anniversary of the party, we want to show YOU how to build a perfect party, any time of the year, using our amazing products.



The first step to throwing any soiree is to make sure your guests have delicious treats to snack on, while they wait for the main meal, and what better way to top off your appetizers that with a homemade sauce? That’s where our Squeeze It™ Bottles come in! You can whip up your favorite sauce and put it on top of the appetizer of your choice.

Not sure what kind of sauces to make or appetizers to create? We’ve got you covered here and here.

Now that you’ve given them a teaser of the delicious food to come, it’s time to quench their thirst.

Create refreshing drinks such as our Cherry-Lime or Lemonberry-Rosemary Infused water with our Treasures of the Sea Pitcher and Tumblers. You can make your drinks in the pitcher the night before to allow the infuser insert can work its magic. The next day, just remove from the fridge and serve in the tumblers, your guests are sure to be sippin’ & ravin’ all day with this nautical set!

So, you’ve got your appetizers? (check) Your drinks? (check) Now on to the main event!

You can’t have a party without a delicious main meal and a yummy dessert.

We’ve got exactly what you need to make both. First, use our All-In-One System (All-In-One ShakerAll-In-One Mate and Mix-N-Stor® Pitcher) to create a main course your guests won’t forget.

Our All-In-One Shaker is perfect for whipping up tasty sauces and marinades (check out our marinade ideas here and here). The Mix-N-Stor® Pitcher is ideal for blending both wet and dry ingredients. Also, who doesn’t love a garnish to complete their meal? That’s where our All-In-One Mate comes in! (It can also juice and separate your eggs)

If you’re not sure what kind of meal to make, we’ve got you covered there too, with our Chicken Poblano CasseroleBaked Ziti, or Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Farfalle!


 To wrap up your party, you can’t send your guests off without satisfying their sweet tooth!

Our Strawberry Chantilly Cake and even our Banana Pecan Cake will leave everyone more than satisfied. The Silicone Spatula is perfect for scraping out every bit of batter and icing from your bowl.

Our All-In-One System detailed above is also a great dessert prep partner.

And that’s it! You’ve just built your perfect party!

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