Ready your tablescapes and fire up your chef skills, ladies and gents! We’re cultivating all the elements for get together season, or commonly known as, the holidays.

Channeling your inner at-home entertaining rock star over the next few months may feel like an unattainable task but we promise it can be pleasant and hassle-free. How? Make it about the people.

The people (whomever you decide to invite into your home) are exactly why it has never been a better time to talk dinner parties. Think about it – when the overwhelm of bills and carpooling and errands and chores start to weigh heavy, the only way to break out of the rut and into something enchanting and out-of-the-ordinary is to make time for the very thing that routine comes to steal.

The key to gathering people, serving spectacular food and preserving your sanity is ensuring that your guests are extra pampered. Get togethers, after all, are less about what’s actually eaten and more about by going above and beyond for the ones you love. They’re a time when everyone can just be present together. You’ll want people gib-gabbing instead of texting or having a friendly debate instead of throwing fake smiles at each other. You see, the food prepared is only a channel for the conversations that dinner parties are all about: the snort-into-your-wine kind of jokes, the competitive after-dinner board games that fortifies bonds. We’re talking about the-days-of-old, lively, captivating type of get together that smart phones just can’t deliver.

How do you know if you’re ready to get fancy for the holidays and host a dinner party (or five)?

It starts with that desire to connect with who and what really matter – the people in your life. Your inner bon vivant is there, she (or he) just needs an escape route. And that what our products are all about. That’s why we are purveyors of the Party.

If it’s been a while since you’ve hosted, we recommend smaller steps to avoid overwhelm. Do attempt to sprinkle a little fancy into your Friday (and the Fridays ahead) by trying your hand at our macaron recipes.

Your choice of raspberry (excellent with a glass of cava or prosecco) or browned butter, these French macarons are bite-sized, slightly addicting and fully worthy of eating with your pinky in the air. And no, the calories don’t really count when you’re fancy-fying your life.

It’s about time we bring some enchantment back into our ordinary, stressed out lives. Ready to join us for Fancy Friday? Say yes, say si, say oui!