How to Avoid these Top 6 Kitchen Superstitions

Our products are the epitome of practical (that’s what happens when a Chemist-turned-engineer invents the best thing since sliced bread).

From saving you time (and tears) with the Chop ‘N Prep® to getting a nice little char on burgers in the microwave (looking at you, MicroPro Grill®), Tupperware® is constantly at the helm of the innovative and the well-founded.

That’s why we knew that the arrival of Friday the 13th meant some reinforcements against superstitions were necessary. Look, as purveyors of practical, we can’t have nonsense and negative spirits tormenting everyone all day long. So we put a protection plan in place.

Read up on these 6 most-common food and cooking superstitions from around the world to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay guarded (not like we believe in this stuff or anything ::nervous sweat emoji::).

Sing it with us now… “Kitch-EN superstitionssssss… writing’s on the wall…”




We wanted to start with the most obvious, but only because it has stood the test of time. From Romanians putting it under their pillows to ward off vampire sleep-attacks to German miners carrying it with them underground to guard from evil spirits, garlic seems so have a reputation of protection.

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This one’s for all the singles out there: apparently, if you crack an egg and it has two yolks, you’re getting married (timeline to-be-determined, but just know it’s in your “near” future). Eggs also appropriately represent fertility, so legend has it that if you need a plant to grow, just scatter the egg shells in the soil.

Since the only egg use we’re interested in is the kind you can eat, let’s talk kitchen tools. Our egg slicer is a must-have because it slices evenly and cleanly, plus it cuts strawberries, bananas, olives and more. Find it here.



Salt was a hot commodity circa Middle Ages, so when you spilled it, you paid for it with a superstition spoken over your life. While the superstition is vague (you’ll have bad luck), there is hope in reversing the curse by just throwing more salt over your left shoulder. Guess they weren’t too worried about wasting salt, after all.

The solution for this superstition is easy: get salty. Check out our Hourglass Salt Shaker here.



As if we needed another reason to cut carbs, this superstition comes to you proclaiming a very ominous omen. If your loaf of bread contains an air bubble, it’s supposed to indicate that someone you love will die soon. Um, that doesn’t really work for us, so we just decided to make an air-bubble proof recipe of delicious Irish Soda Bread. Check out the recipe here!



Alright guys, you need to be EXTRA careful when unloading the dishwasher with this one. Repeat after us: Don’t. Drop. Your. Forks. Dropping a fork apparently means that a man or a woman will come to visit you. They might be a serial killer or they might come bearing cookies, like a neighbor who just moved in. We’ll never truly know.

One caveat to this superstition, it’s totally okay to drop single-use, plastic forks. Like drop them out of your culinary life forever. They’re terrible for our environment and only cause more waste. Since our roots are in sustainable products (we’re the plastic company that helps reduce plastic waste!) we want to help you play your part by eating your lunches from the Salad on Go Set.



If you’re looking to cut the drama, stop handing knives to people. It could sow discord and disagreements between friends. Instead, you’re supposed to pass them along the counter or table and all relationships remain intact. They also say don’t give knives as gifts, but our knives are too fab not to gift to someone you really like.

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*Disclaimer: This post is purely for fun. We do not believe in these unfounded myths and neither should you. But you should stock your kitchen with high-quality products that make your life easier.