Our Commitment to Quality People, Products & Parties

As we’re now in our 70th year of holding Tupperware parties, and inspiring men and women around the world to use quality products, designed to allow more quality family time, you may be wondering what makes Tupperware so special…

That’s where Quality Weeks comes in! Every year, during the last two weeks of April, we celebrate the high standards that Brownie Wise and Earl Tupper instilled into the foundation of our company–Quality People, Quality Products and Quality Parties.

The key ingredient to making and demonstrating these amazing products throughout the U.S. & Canada, are our PEOPLE.

This is a value that Brownie made sure was at the core of our business, without our talented Sales Force Members, who are passionate about changing lives, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Tommy & Rita Damigella, Naomi Hartung, Debbie & Chuck Dickey and Nicole Mongeon & Marc Villeneuve: all of our Lead With Your Heart Award Winners, given each year, over the past four years, to those most selflessly dedicated to growing their people. The award is modeled after the Ad Astra, which was given for the same reason since the earliest days of our company.

Now let’s tackle what makes our products so high-quality:

Quality standards of our resins

  • Plastics must satisfy a number of health and safety standards to be approved for food contact and for microwave/oven cooking or reheating of food.
  • Tupperware follows the most demanding regulations in the world, set by the EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority.
  • Actually, we even set our standards at a higher level, ensuring 100% safety for food contact. That means that we EXCEED the FDA’s standards in the US.
  • Our resin does NOT contain any dioxin, phthalates or BPA.
  • All resins approved for use in the microwave have been tested to ensure no transfer of resin to your food takes place.


Quality standards of our colorants

  • Our resins are colored with pigments that meet stringent quality standards.
  • All of our color pellets comply with the most demanding safety criteria in the world.
  • We meet the standards set by the NFPL, New French Positive List, in France, regarding the purity of our colorants, and the Council of Europe, which guarantees our color pigments are safe for food contact. Tupperware conducts EXTENSIVE migration tests to make sure that no colorant migrates from our resin to your food.


How are materials selected for a product?

  • Materials are selected by matching a product’s functional requirements to a material’s properties.
  • Our products DO NOT CONTAIN dioxin, phthalates or BPA.


This is what has made us the first name in quality kitchen and home products for over 70 years and counting, with a legendary Limited Lifetime Warranty!*



After 70 years, you can be confident that we know how to do one thing well…and that’s PARTY!

We’ve worked hard to develop the perfect formula for putting on a QUALITY party.

Our parties are:

  • Entertaining
  • Empowering
  • Educating
  • Earning Opportunities

In our earliest days, demonstrations centered around the products being made of a new and strange material: plastic! Sealed-in freshness was a whole new concept, which helped American and Canadian households keep their food fresher longer, making their grocery dollars go further.

The liquid-tight seal on the Wonderlier® bowl always made for a fun demonstration as the bowl was filled with some water, sealed and tossed across the room.

Brownie photo: From then…

…to now.

Now our parties are interactive culinary experiences allowing you to try our quality products before you buy, seeing how they can truly enhance your quality of life. Your Tupperlady or gent is an entrepreneur in your community and is full of helpful hints to get you through the daily hustle and bustle of real life, and do so deliciously.

And, to make it even sweeter, by hosting a qualifying party, you can also get your hands on our solutions for free or half-off.

You can shop all of our products here, but the best way to see them in action, and earn some Host-exclusive swag, is by dating a party with a Consultant near you.

Interested in finding out more about the Tupperware Opportunity? Join us!

*While the majority of our products are covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty, please consult individual product information for warranty coverage as some products may vary.