Sustainability is in fashion: Feel good inside and out

Eco-chic anyone?

Earrings? Check. Handbag? Check. Reusable Eco Water Bottle? Double Check.

Sustainability is the new black. From makeup and fashion to kitchen and home, we see so many trends focused around eco-friendly products. People are more concerned than ever about where their products are coming from and how they’re made. And so are we!

We love adding stylish solutions to our everyday looks. We call it Eco-chic–a fun way to accessorize while helping the planet. Grab our No Time to Waste Set for a bold look at lunch or one of our colorful Eco Bottles that are sure to make you want to take a pic and post it. #sustainabilityinstyle

Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” But we say, add one of our sustainable on-the-go products and you’re ready to go.

Your new favorite accessory

You’re never fully dressed without a smile and an Eco Straw.

How many times have you been out and you don’t want to ask for a straw or a restaurant forgot to give you one? We’ve all been there. Now imagine you already have the solution right inside your bag. Is that a smile we see? 😊

In January 2020, our Eco Straw came to life. The first straw of its kind and the last straw you will ever need. Eco straws are a washable, reusable solution made out of ECO+ material, the first food-safe material made out of recycled plastic.

Eco Straw Set:

  • Pouch is made of recycled material.
  • The innovative needle tip allows for smooth, gentle sipping.
  • The tiny cleaning brush helps keep straws ready-to-use.
  • Versatile straw length makes these perfect for any sized cup.

Our Eco Straws are a must-have. Just put them in your purse or bag, and you’re always ready to keep one less single-use plastic straw out of the environment. Plus, they’re really pretty. 😉

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Small changes make a big difference. Let’s celebrate National Skip the Straw Day by saying no to single-use straws and adding a power accessory to your life. There’s no time to waste. Find out more about our sustainability efforts here.