This Earth Day: Eat Like the Bunny!

On January 20, I visited my local animal shelter on my way home from work and picked up a little gray bunny I’d seen on the shelter’s website. My husband, Nick, and I already have four cats (all former strays of varying levels of crazy), but I just couldn’t resist adding a bunny to the mix. I’ve had bunnies most of my life and was missing having one since the last had passed away two years ago. Plus, cats and bunnies make a pretty adorable combination.

Our motto since we’ve gotten him has been “eat like the bunny!”

Taking care of the little guy (who we named Bowie), also reminded me to start eating better. Our motto since we’ve gotten him has been “eat like the bunny!” Though Nick and I have been vegan for a little over three years, that doesn’t always mean we’re eating super healthy. (Oreos and soda are vegan, after all).

Earth Day Bunny Bowie

Look how much Bowie loves his kale, collard greens and romaine! Of course I keep them all fresh in my favorite Tupperware® products: FridgeSmart® Containers. That way I can be sure that none goes to waste. I wish I could eat the raw, unseasoned greens with as much adoration as he does, but luckily for me, a little vinaigrette or green goddess goes a long way.

FridgeSmart Earth Day
FridgeSmart Earth Day

Whether you’re a bunny or not, eating more fresh veggies, especially dark greens, is generally a good idea. And simply eating less meat, especially beef, can have a positive impact on the planet and your health. Just sayin’.

Today is definitely about doing a little more for the planet and its creatures, but don’t forget to appreciate and celebrate the things you’ve probably already integrated into your lifestyle: reusable grocery bags, being mindful not to waste food, buying local, and caring for your own garden and maybe your own rescued animals. Every little bit, put together, really does make a big difference.

And if you do want to go that extra mile, even if just for Earth Day, eat like the bunny!

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