Now Celebrating: Hispanic Heritage Month

Today we welcome Hispanic Heritage Month, a time to reflect on, celebrate and look forward to all that this rich, diverse community has contributed!

The Tupperware Hispanic community is one of courage and strong work ethic, partying particularly well if we do say ourselves. We are honored to have hundreds of Hispanic entrepreneurs that have built their own businesses while keeping their communities, families and personal growth a priority. Whether they joined thinking they would be with us for a short while or to make some extra money to support their families, we constantly hear that they’ve found so much more in Tupperware. From building their confidence to making their “American Dream” come true, they’ve done it on their terms. We’ve also witnessed how they have strengthened their community bonds all over the US by always celebrating each other. Offering this business opportunity is just the beginning, but changing one life or even one familia is what truly makes it all worth it.

We are truly grateful for their contributions over the years and love the impact it has on those around them to make a better world. Watch the video below and hear what Claudia has to say about her experiences, our products and what Tupperware means to her.

After you watch Claudia’s story, click below to see our month-long Latin fiesta with recipes!

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